Published: Oct. 24, 2017

This past Tuesday, as I sat in the audience for the chancellor’s State of the Campus speech, I felt such a sense of excitement about the Be Boulder Pact announcement. First and foremost, it is spot-on regarding putting our students at the heart of every decision we make.

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO Kelly Fox

Personally, I am thrilled by how it demonstrates what we can do when we are willing to step back and look at how the university works; what we can accomplish when we work across unit lines and are prepared to test out new ideas and new ways of doing business.

The ideas behind the Be Boulder Pact came from people willing to change the status quo at CU Boulder, to challenge the “way we’ve always done it.” In my column last month, I talked about the investments our campus leadership is making in organizational resiliency and responsiveness. I can already see the results of these investments—from the willingness to reinvent how we handle course and program fees to the full funding of the CU Boulder Impact Scholarship.

As the next step in my commitment to foster these growing collaborations and creative collisions, at the beginning of November I am convening the first all-staff gathering of Enrollment Management, Finance and Business Strategy, Human Resources, Infrastructure and Safety, Office of Information Technology, and Strategic Relations and Communications.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to challenge and support all of these units as we reimagine how we do our work. We will discuss how we can stay centered on the core mission of our university and bring results-oriented and inventive ideas to the table. I am committed to facilitating a culture shift from “I have to solve this on my own” to “we’re in this together.”

I will continue to support small wins and big changes and actively lay down the foundation for the next century of success at CU Boulder. I encourage all of our campus community to do the same; engage in creating our future, whether by participating in visioning like Academic Futures or a campus challenge like the “short experiment” innovation grants or more. Everyone’s ideas, creativity and input are needed and welcomed.

Thank you,

Kelly Fox
Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer