Published: March 16, 2017
Amnesty Policy

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) reminds you that when the health and safety of a fellow Buff is at risk, calling for help is always the right thing to do.

The purpose of the Amnesty Policy is to facilitate an educational- and safety-focused response to qualifying incidents rather than a disciplinary consequence and applies to the following situations. 

Alcohol- and drug-related emergencies

When a student assists an intoxicated individual by calling for help, neither the individual who calls for help nor the individual needing assistance will be subject to formal disciplinary sanctions (probation, suspension, expulsion).

If calling to help in a drug- or alcohol-related emergency, the reporting party must:

  • Contact appropriate assistance,
  • Remain with the intoxicated individual, and
  • Cooperate with staff/responders.


The university provides amnesty to victims of policy who may be hesitant to report an incident because they fear they themselves may be accused of conduct code violations at the time of the incident.


Students who are engaged in minor violations, such as underage drinking, but who cooperate with the university in providing information related to serious violations by others while they also engaged in those minor violations will be provided amnesty.

See the 2016-17 Student Conduct Code Policies & Conflict Resolution document for more information.