Dear Readers, 


Welcome to TIMBER 9.2! This time, I’d like to keep things short and sweet and let the work we’ve got for you speak for itself. 


Over the past three years, I have watched TIMBER develop its identity. When I began working on the magazine as Social Media Manager, it was still making the adjustment from print to digital, and I have loved seeing it grow and mature as we adapted to the platform. Issue 9.2 is my last, and it is a bittersweet moment. I can only hope that in my own small way I have made TIMBER proud. 


All year, I have been supported by amazing staff: Rachel Cruea, Reed Underwood, Mike Ranellone, Bree Pye, Phuong Vuong, Lukas Devries, Stephen Mruzik, Mackenzie Suess, Jen London, and Elana Friedland. Their hard work and love of the emotional, personal, and activist possibilities of art helped create two issues—phenomenal ones, if I say so myself. I hope you’ll agree. 


Next year, Rachel will be taking over TIMBER as Managing Editor. Under her guidance, we’re sure to reach an even brighter future! Please continue to support her and TIMBER moving forward! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing Assistant Editor. 


Thank you to all our contributing authors and thank you to all who submitted. I am so happy you all took a chance on us. 


I hope you all enjoy the issue! Thank you for reading. 


Chris Becker 

Managing Editor


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