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PoetryThe Ghostly Hand by Martha McCollough

Amy M. Alvarez

amphibious / Shaped into a Kind of Life / (this is my body—)

Maddie Baxter

A Yellow Bird Fell Out of My Mouth

Gion Davis

There's water you can die in

Anishka Duggal

Search for the India-Pakistan Border

Rebecca Ruth Gould


Horatio H.

Have you Ever Looked at Seagulls Swoop in Flight

Amanda Hope                                                                                                       The Ghostly Hand by Martha McCollough

Postcards to a Non-Vital Organ

Kristin Macintyre

[untitled] / A plum tree shivers in the glade— / The morning is born again—

Julia Madsen


Daniel Edward Moore

Dear Resurrectionist

Jeff Pearson

Steeple Chase

Ben Pelhan

Doctors found four bees in her eyes eating tears / Reasonable Cost

Vivian Wagner

Tikkun Olam


Thomas Kearnes

Actual Miles

Robert Perron

There You Go


Jason Arment

One of Us

Robert Detman

Social(ly) Media(ted) Diptych

Miranda Forman

Guess Why the Dog is Crazy

Sarah Sorensen


Visual Poetry

Bridget Brewer

Relics 4, 5, & 6

Martha McCollough

The Ghostly Hand / A Fake Fortune