the continuous efforting

of it all or felt panic

as one dropped into

hard waters an apple 

falling from the tallest tree

not that I’m suggesting

you crane your neck

no right in front of you

the human gait is in fact

a continually arresting

falling            movement

merely the body correcting 

imbalances over and over

again there is only one

vertical deviations from

which all risk someone’s

operative ways for example

how far must my hips

fall for you to yell faggot

at my back or upon which

point of the balls of that

boy’s feet must his weight

settle to explain the emptying

of a twenty-two millimeter             

bipedal collapse            

yes it is fleeting to be upright 

let alone in flight. 

Found lines from Erwin Straus’s "The Upright Posture”


Horatio H. is a poet and writer currently splitting time between Brooklyn and Montreal. He is completing an English Ph.D. at Princeton University, where he researches representations of queer life and bodies within outskirt spaces. His writing has recently been published in Lambda Literary Review, Cheat River Review, and New South Journal.

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