After the Impact



Someone comes pouring

through me like gunpowder,


overestimating the limits

of my skin and serially


unbraiding my bones. Later

on, cold facts shear away


from me like comets so fast

they leave craters where seas


might start so armies of arrivers

can march in the night, slashing


routes along land they

had given up as lost.



Laurinda Lind lives in New York's North Country. The inside of her house looks like a bomb hit it. Some poetry publications/ acceptances are in Blue Earth Review, Blueline, Comstock Review, Constellations, Paterson Literary Review, and Radius, also anthologies Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan (New Rivers Press) and AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss and Grief (Radix Media). In 2018, she won first place in both the Keats-Shelley Prize for adult poetry and the New York State Fair poetry competition.