Hello Readers, 

TIMBER 8.1, our Winter 2018 Issue, is here!

We have shed remnants from our former life in print and no longer link to a PDF version of the journal. We are so excited for the poetry, prose, and visual poetry our authors submitted to us! 

None of this could have happened without the hard work of our all volunteer staff. Thank you to Whitney Kerutis (Poetry Editor), Jessica Lawson (Visual Poetry Editor), Hillary Susz and Sam Chirtel (Prose Editors), Lukas DeVries (Web Editor), Marcus Williams (Copyeditor), Rachel Cruea (Interviews Editor), and Chris Becker (Assistant Managing Editor). They have given their energy and time to put together our first exclusively online issue! Special thanks to Marcus Williams and Lukas DeVries for their diligent work editing tirelessly over the past month. Thanks to all of our poetry and prose readers: Amber Manning, Bree Pye, Jo Klevdal, Krista Davis, Mathieu LaGrenade, Nilu Karimi, Phuong Vuong, Reed Underwood, Stephen Mruzik, Tarah Dykeman, Tarren Andrews, and Travis Zimpfer.

Enjoy the amazing literature in this issue! We hope the new format makes it easier to share pieces you love. 

We at TIMBER are dedicated to publishing and promoting innovative art and literature by new and established authors. We thank you for your support and hope that these pieces speak to you as they have to us. We look forward to new and exciting submissions for our Summer 2018 Issue around the theme of CONFLAGRATION!


Rushi Vyas 

Managing Editor