after the star

trailed off

as if fated

or at-odds

w/the tales

all these dots

had formed

I find myself

stalled at

the railing

fattening up

on the soon-

to-die light

that leads

first into

the fields

or the forests

then later

(lied about

if any of it

is to last)—

the rafters





this is why they

won’t allow us


to throw our hats

onto the bed


or eat dinner

on our own


our hands all

but these hearts


the windows more

me than anyone


or even say who it

was we’d rerouted


led out from this

shadowed wall


& nearly thawed

in the wood-heat


red to our eyes

with the wonder


a feeling here down

where the wind’s at


we won’t ever be

worthy of this house  



Mark DeCarteret has appeared next to Charles Bukowski in a lo-fi fold out, Pope John Paul II in a high test collection of Catholic poetry, Billy Collins in an Italian fashion coffee table book, and Mary Oliver in a 3785 page pirated anthology.