a lynx, a caw,

a snowman,

a snowshoe hare,


like a rainbow popsicle,

the lynx, admiring itself,

accurate as a figurine



To be damned

I damned a gnat for eternity,
inside a book of poems.

Imagine a brain
under a hydraulic press,
or squeezing a chickpea.

Imagine a city folding over
onto you like a page.

I, damned for eternity,
in a loop, a warping chain,
inside a city of poems.




in an odorless dark,
two taps drip,
soap and honey might
feel the same,
will dig down
your palm
and you will have to
you will have to taste
with no tongue and
figure out what to do



Alan Montes is a poet living in San Antonio TX. He is a student at Texas State University and the Senior Poetry Editor of Persona Magazine. He has also served as Assistant Editor over at Profane Journal. His poetry has appeared in Bitterzoet, Scintilla, Burnt Pine Magazine, and Bridge: The Bluffton University Journal.