Breast Lump in the Night Sky and I 

Breast lump in the night sky
and I
can hardly feel the moon anymore.
Cancer is that soft-rot
that zeppelins
by breath and by blood
pass under deep
acres purple in sleep. We
amble blindly there
as horses
cold and chasing down
an empty
of tricks. My face
taped to it.

An unpublished dream, half
an umbrella and a hungry
hungry hippo.


Eddy Jordan graduated from CU Boulder in 2015 with a BFA in Theatre Performance. He currently lives in Longmont, CO where he runs, writes, and drinks. He has the body of a baby giraffe and the spirit of a city pigeon. Previous publications include Harpoon Review, Thirteen Myna Birds, Blood Pudding Press, CU Honors Journal, and Walkabout Journal.