Thumbnail detail from student-produced children's book on space

Nothing teaches like teaching

June 26, 2015

When students in Danny Long's science writing class at CU Boulder were asked create children's books focused on basic scientific principles, symbiosis broke out all over. By Dave Underwood

Detail from a photo-illustrated document

A photo-illustrated project list

April 28, 2015

Ever considered using thumbnailed images in a project portfolio? How about on a resume? Read more.

Thumbnail image of baseball diamond

Looking for ritual in unexpected places

March 6, 2015

Professor Holly Gayley of CU's Department of Religious Studies asks her students to produce videos which identify and document ritual in unexpected places.

A parody of a medieval painting featuring a drone aircraft

Learning through parody

Nov. 18, 2014

Producing successful parody depends on knowing one's audience and one's times... Which makes it a great way to creatively teach history. By Dave Underwood