Thumb-nailed detail of old-school lecturer

Breaking the presentation spell

May 5, 2015

Taking the pain out of presentations: a look at the styles, rules, and opportunities for excitement that lie within the simple rectangle we've come to call the "presentation slide." By Dave Underwood

Comic book face

An introduction to digital graphics

Sept. 16, 2014

A look at the commonly misunderstood topic of computer graphics. By Dave Underwood

Academic poster

Understanding graphic design

Sept. 10, 2014

Designing competently matters more now than ever. And designing to positively "brand" your work is easier now than ever. A lecture in three parts by Dave Underwood.

Volkswagen ad

Effective campaigning

Sept. 10, 2014

Persuasive campaigning is very much like fishing. How to pick the right bait for your quary. By Dave Underwood

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane

Film language and storyboarding

Sept. 10, 2014

Your students are embarking on a three-minute video project? Maybe it's time to talk about how toxic yellow hues are used to foreshadow violence in "Breaking Bad." Or about how the framing in "The King's Speech" echoed King George's state of mind as he prepared his country for war. A two-part look at the rhetorical powers of film by Dave Underwood