Vivian a grad student sitting in front of wall
MFA Student

261 UCB
Dance Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room W1B55

Vivian Kim is a Nebraska native.  She received her BA in Dance from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln (UNL).  During her time at UNL, Vivian had the opportunity to perform works choreographed by: Kayvon Pourazar, Kendra Portier, STREB, Jenna Riegel, and many others. After graduating from UNL in 2014, Vivian moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she performed, toured, and taught for MamLuft&Company Dance under the direction of Jeanne MamLuft.  Vivian also presented an original work, “tag”, at the 2015 Area Choreographers Festival.  Vivian’s current research is embedded in the ideologies created by Confucius.  Her biggest question is: how and why are Confucius’ ideologies still affecting Asian-American women in the United States in the 21st century?  The research will manifest into movement as Vivian continues to parallel Confucius’ philosophies to the deconstruction of her identity and experiences as a Korean-American.  Her other research interests include: Somatics, improvisation, pedagogy, injury prevention, food, and Netflix.