Sarah looking at Camera
MA Student

261 UCB
Theatre Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room C1B86

Sarah graduated in May 2017 with BAs in Theatre and Arts Administration, as well as a Studio Art minor (fiber arts emphasis) from the University of Kentucky. During her undergraduate, she focused on technical theatre, stage managing several of the Theatre & Dance, and the Opera departments' main-stage performances. She was also interested in interdisciplinary research, using the arts as an advocacy platform for social issues. Sarah, originally from Alexandria Egypt, has spent her life traveling and has lived on four different continents. This has fueled her passion about theatre as a universal educational platform and its power for social change. Inspired by Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed as well as being an avid environmentalist and feminist, Sarah will focus her Masters research on how climate change has been impacting women in underserved communities and how applied theatre can be used to empower them to become a part of their communities’ sustainable resilience planning.