Graham Bryant
MA/MBA Student

261 UCB, University Theatre Building
Theatre Graduate Office, Room C1B86

Graham Bryant is a playwright and actor who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Baylor University in 2019 with a BFA in Theatre Performance, and beginning in the fall semester of 2021, he is pursuing a dual MA/MBA degree from CU Boulder’s Theatre & Dance Department and the Leeds School of Business.

Since the age of 13 when he picked up a DVD copy of Little Shop of Horrors, he has sought out opportunities to view, study, and work with theatre productions. In his education he discovered a love for literary analysis of both classical and contemporary theatrical works, which then extended to analyzing popular culture in general. Today, he strives to promote great works and help make non-profit theatre accessible for audiences of all ages, economic class, and voices. His short play RPM was recently published in the play collection titled At the Intersection of Disability and Drama. His acting credits include The Liar by David Ives (Geronte); Crazy for You (Eugene); and Grand Concourse by Heidi Schreck (Frog).

 In his spare time he goes out to see plays and devises theories about the production that are sometimes far off-course from what the director or playwright intended.  He can be easily recognized on the street from his beard, his graphic tees, and the various hats he wears so he doesn’t have to manage his hair.