Cover of Ecumenica Journal, Volume 12 Number 1, 2019

Theatre PhD student Jash Sen published in Ecumenica journal

July 3, 2019

Theatre PhD student Jash Sen has published an article, “Advocating for the Rejuvenation of Jatra Performance,” in Ecumenica: Performance and Religion, a journal out of Penn State University Press. From the abstract: The popular theater of West Bengal known as Jatra derives from devotional forms of performance going back a...

Woodzick in libaray

Woodzick interviews Non-Binary Actor for Harvard Journal

May 29, 2019

K. Woodzick writes " Kevin Kantor (they/them) is a genderqueer non-binary director, actor, and performance poet working to challenge, deconstruct, and reimagine traditional semiotics of gender on stage and in performance. " WOODZICK: Kevin Kantor, I know you as an actor, activist, and poet. When you meet someone new, how...

Woman in red, blue, green and yellow colored dress and black blazer in front of Flat Iron mountains holding CU award

Marinus Smith Award winner Patricia "pep" Paige!!

April 19, 2019

Michelle Ellsworth won an Honorable Mention for the “Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award” from the Graduate school and Beth Osnes, Helanius Wilkins and Patricia Paige were all nominated for the Marinus Smith Award for their mentorship roles in students’ lives and pep was one of the winners of the award! Award...

Woman smiling wearing green shirt

Niki Tulk receives 2018-2019 Teaching Excellence Award!

April 11, 2019

Per Beth Osnes, "Join me in congratulating Niki Tulk, a recipient of the 2018-2019 Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award!! Fantastic job!"

dancer with leg extended in front of green wall

Award winner! Kelley Ann Walsh

April 11, 2019

Per Erika Randall, THDN Chair: "Join me in celebrating Kelley Ann Walsh, as she has won an award for her advocacy for examination of the intersection of gender and mental health. This award is for a student who “exemplifies the values of activism and awareness surrounding women’s issues and gender...

Silhouette of a horse

Woodzick interviews Director of Into the Woods, Bud Coleman

Feb. 20, 2019

Check out the interview on the Theatrical Mustang podcast.

2 presenters in front of a room

Jashodhara Sen presents at the International Conference on Evaluation of Tradition

Jan. 29, 2019

Jashodhara Sen attended the International Conference on 'Evaluation of Tradition: Interrogating transformations in Traditional Folk Performing Arts' organized by Centre for Knowledge Ideas and Development Studies on January 10 th-11th in Kolkata, India. She presented a paper entitled Advocating for the Rejuvenation of Jatra Performance.Please find the attached photos for...

Cover of Dance magazine woman in grey leotard and pink chiffon skirt posing wearing point shoes

MFA Dance Program mentioned in Dance Magazine!

Jan. 23, 2019

Exerpt from the article: As aerial dance becomes more prominent, university dance programs are taking note. Both University of Wyoming and University of New Hampshire implement aerial training into their curriculum, and University of Colorado at Boulder offers an MFA program with an emphasis on aerial and works closely with...

2019 Beverly Sear’s Grant Recipients: 3 of our own graduate students!

Jan. 17, 2019

2019 Beverly Sear’s Graduate Student Research Grant Recipients Congratulations to our two dance and one theatre graduate student who recieved research grants. Danielle Garrison for Ethered and Tethered: A liminial Space, an internation MFA thesis concert event Leah Woods for Bodies of War: Dance in the Wake of Collective Tragedy...

Non Binary person standing in front of bookshelf

Theatrical Mustang Woodzick is Paving the Path for Arts Inclusivity

Jan. 9, 2019

CHLOE OLEWITZ JANUARY 2, 2019 Chloe wrote: К. Woodzick is a multi-hyphenate creative wonder. They are an actor, director, writer, editor, producer, podcaster, marketer, feminist, and activist, for a start, but if that’s too much of a mouthful, you can just call them a theatrical mustang. Woodzick is quoted saying...