Theatre & Dance studios and classrooms are available for use by a limited number of CU Student Organizations.

General Information

After departmental priorities are scheduled, space is available on a limited first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Student groups must be organized through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI)
  • Only the group signer may make reservations
  • Group size may not exceed the posted room capacity
  • Groups may only request the studio for up to 3 hours per week

  • Fall Semester: Groups may email a request on the 3rd Monday after the semester begins
  • Spring Semester: Groups may email a request on the 1st day of the semester  
  • Requests made earlier than these dates will not be reviewed early
  • Groups must sign a rental agreement before access is given
  • There is a $10 cash-only deposit for the key; it will be returned when groups return their key
  • If the key is not returned before the date listed in the contract the group will be charged $125 to cover the cost of changing the lock 
  • Weekend reservations require a completed Buff OneCard Access Form at the time of signing the contract
  • Violations of any portion of the terms of the agreement, as well other inappropriate or illegal behavior that violates campus policies, will result in revocation of your access to space

  1. Email with the following information:
    • Name of group and signer's contact information
    • Preferred dates and times
    •  Number of participants in group (best estimate is OK)
    • How the group plans to use the studio (dance classes, karate lessons, yoga practice, etc.)
  2. Sign the rental agreement sent via DocuSign if your group is approved
  3. Stop by the THDN Main Office in the University Theatre Building, room C132, to drop off a $10 cash deposit for your key
  4. Remeber to bring the key back at the end of your reservation to have your deposit returned

​Note: Confirmation and access to the space will not be granted until the rental agreement is signed.
All communication will come from