Danielle Garrison dancing on silks
MFA Student

261 UCB
Dance Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room W1B55

Danielle is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. During 2007-2012, she was a dancer, choreographer, teacher and assistant director for Aerial Dance Chicago as well as a Teaching Artist for the Joffrey Ballet and the Colorado Ballet. Since 2012, Danielle has been dancing with Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance and is currently the director of the Student Company. Recently, Danielle has had the pleasure of performing and teaching at the Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance Festival, the Santa Barbara Floor to Air Festival, the San Francisco Aerial Dance Festival, and for Aerial Ever After in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, as well as performing for the Les Rencontres de Danse Aérienne in France. Danielle has been the recipient of the Beverly Sears Named Grant, the CYE Award, the UGGS Travel Grant, the Eaton Graduate Student Travel Grant, and a Semi-finalist for Fulbright France. She is the second MFA Candidate in Dance with an emphasis in aerial dance at the University of Colorado Boulder.