Boneless - an MFA concert by Colt Irvin and Rachel Dodson

The dance department offers frequent opportunities for students to perform in works by faculty members, guest artists, graduate students, and undergraduates. Performances are produced throughout the year and auditions are open to currently enrolled student.  In addition to performances, auditions and level placement are held for some classes. All incoming freshman and transfer students interested in applying for a scholarship or our BFA audition, please see High School Dance Day for more information. See MFA auditions for information regarding graduate admissions. 

BFA Audition Information 


Audition Information for Upcoming Performances

Our full season of performances can include BFA and MFA concerts, UnWRAP, Open Space, Fresh, The Current, and Fringe Festival. The following productions are part of our 19-20 dance season:​

Audition: Contemporary Dance Piece for FRESH
Performance: April 24-25 2020
Audition will be held in W350 on Monday, February 24th 2020 at 6:30pm. Interested but can't make it to the audition? Email the choreographer at

Audition: No formal audition, notices may be posted by choreographers on 3rd floor bulletin board.
Performance: 24-25 April 2020
Fresh is an un-curated concert of undergraduate and graduate dance work full of raw questions and exciting experiments. A buffet of explorations, this dance event offers a sampler of graduate and undergraduate student works. Come hungry for a potential mix of hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and improvised offerings. 

Additional auditions are held accompanying collaborations with Theatre and the School of Music.

Auditions for 10:00 am Technique and Intermediate/Advanced Level Technique Classes

10:00 am Technique: Auditions for new students and level placement for returning students will be held during the first week of class for both fall and spring semesters. If new students are not accepted into the 10:00am technique class (DNCE 2021, 3041 or 4061) they will be encouraged to re-audition the following semester. To progress in the dance curriculum, students must place in the 10:00 daily technique class at least one semester during the first year in the dance program.  Students cannot enroll in subsequent theory courses until having placed in the 10:00 daily technique class. After each audition and level placement, students will be advised of their appropriate class placement in order to enroll in the correct technique course.

Major Classes: All DNCE classes ending in a “1” are considered major technique classes but are open to any student enrolled in classes at CU. Some of those classes, such as Intermediate and Advanced Ballet, Intermediate Hip-Hop, Pointe, Advanced Jazz, and Repertory, require a pre-audition screening to take place before students are allowed to enroll in the course. Courses with an 800 section number are controlled enrollment and either require department consent or an audition to enroll. See notes in course scheduling.

Audition policies

Questions regarding technique and major class auditions can be addressed to