Constance Harris

261 UCB, University Theatre Building
Room W1B55

Fall Office Hours: Fridays 12pm - 1pm or by appointment via Zoom

Constance is a NJ native, Anthropology BA and current dance MFA with a deep love for go-go dancing and nightlife culture. She has over 20 years of combined experience in a variety of dance genres ranging from Modern, Middle Eastern forms, nightlife entertainment and vernacular dances based in Africanist aesthetics. Her professional career began as a chorus dancer for Jillina Carlano’s Belly Dance Evolution. Dancing with the company connected her with an array of talented artists that inspired her keenness towards improvisation and finding power in simplicity and subtleness. This inspiration and her love for music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s eventually led her to becoming a featured Trestle Special at the Philadelphia-based whiskey and go-go bar, The Trestle Inn. Since then, she has worked as a dancer in Atlantic City nightlife, collaborated with the live house band, Worldtown Soundsystem, and is a featured dancer at Denver’s most exciting monthly soul party, Mile High Soul Club. Go-go dancing has been an incomparable source of empowerment and catharsis for Constance and she hopes to share that magic as much as she can with others through performance, lecture, and teaching.

Moreover, Constance’s choreographic work currently uses her experiences as a performer in nightlife culture to create loosely structured improvisation-based pieces that find truth and agency within that which unsettles. As a black, second-generation, female identifying, fluid, and cerebral individual, how does one make sense of finding delight in exhibition that has the potential to noveltalize, exoticize, and demonize the self through a voyeur’s eyes? Her work interrogates the grey area of preconceived notions and popular truths versus personal realities. She strives to marry her knowledge of how to make work for the proscenium, her fascination to create uncanny narratives that she identifies with, and a love for film to construct a collection of multimedia vignettes to be primarily presented in nightlife establishments and other alternative performance spaces.