Kyle’s Theater & Dance – “1” minute Talk

It’s no secret that a lot of students majoring in theatre and dance are seeking their little piece of fame. But, really, it’s more than that. You’ve got your sports junkies, and you’ve got your chocolate junkies, but what we have in theatre and dance are “Expression Junkies!” Most people would think that means actors who want to transform themselves into someone else or dancers wanting to inhabit the stage or studio using one the many dance technique styles we offer.

But those are not the only Expression Junkies in the House! We have set designers and builders, lighting designers and technicians, sound designers and operators, costume designers, stage and house managers and more – make-up, wigs and props! The majors we offer reflect this diversity, from the generalist BA’s in THTR and DNCE to BFA’s in Dance, Theatre Performance, Musical Theatre, Design Technology and Stage Management – this latter group expresses themselves through their organizing and ordering others around!

So, to reiterate, the majors offered in THTR and DNCE are not just about performance. And while THTR majors and minors don’t need to have experience to come to us, the dance major isn’t for beginners – better to do the minor if that is the case. These majors are also NOT easy. But students know they’re in the right major if they don’t mind being in the building from morning to night rehearsing, designing and performing.

Majors that are complementary to theatre are communication, English, art, film, and psychology. Dance complements the sciences, film, psychology and really, just about anything.

To summarize, in the words of that well-known Expression Junkie, Ashton Kutcher, some kids grow up thinking “I want to be famous” when what they should be thinking is, “I want to do something, I want to build something, I want to create something.” Oh yeah! That’s what’s happening in the theatre and dance department!

What can Expression Junkies do post-grad? Below is a list of a few professions; there are many, many more!

  • Scene designer/Set builder
  • K-12 teacher
  • Stage Manager
  • Producer
  • Costume designer/draper
  • Dance studio owner
  • Theatre company owner/manager
  • Talent/casting/booking agent
  • Director
  • Choreographer
  • Company dancer
  • Playwright
  • Dramaturg
  • Publicity/press agent
  • Screenwriter
  • Property designer/props master
  • Arts reviewer
  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Sound designer/operator
  • Dance studio manager/instructor
  • Lighting designer/technician
  • Hair/make-up coordinator
  • Dance company rehearsal director
  • Box office manager
  • Dance/Drama therapist