Bonnie Sitting in front of River
MFA Alum

Bonnie Cox received her MFA in Dance at The University of Colorado Boulder in Spring 2018. 

She is currently in Mexico to help create a bi-nationally generated dance piece on the U.S./Mexico border. She hopes to see what dance is capable of in terms of adding to the conversation on U.S./Mexico relations and building connections between the two nations during a tense era. Check out this video to learn more:

Bonnie combines the disciplines of dance, performance studies, women and gender studies, and ethnic studies to explore identity in performance, the process of dis-identifying from hegemonic views on marginalized identities, and incorporating post-colonial theories and feminist methodologies into research, pedagogy, performance and choreography. Her present research investigates identity politics and the performance and aesthetics of borders. At CU, Bonnie taught dance and popular culture, a lecture course that deconstructs the roles of race, class, gender and sexuality in dance phenomena.

Bonnie received her BFA in dance from Texas State University in 2011 where she was a student teacher and member of Merge Dance Company. She danced with Diverse Space Dance Theater, Sharon Marroquin, Shay Ishii Dance Company and Nicole Roerick Collective in Austin, Texas.

Bonnie has studied with acclaimed choreographers in the U.S., Mexico, and Colombia. She was nominated for an Austin Chronicle critic’s choice award for her production Silence to Power: Dance as a response to trauma, through which she encouraged dance artists to transform trauma and societal pressures into growth and power through performance and choreography.