Students who did not pre-audition into the BFA program and who wish to pursue the BFA can audition during the fall or spring semester of their freshman or sophomore year. For fall, freshman and new transfer students must attend the audition during High School Dance Day on November 1, 2019. Current students who wish to adution for the BFA on Nov. 1st should submit this application by October 4th. 

For spring, there is no on-campus audition. Instead, please submit the BFA application including the links to choreography and performance.  If you are a sophomore auditioning for the BFA you must be enrolled in or have taken DNCE 3033 or DNCE 3043 in order to graduate on time. The submission deadline for currently enrolled students is January 31, 2020. You will receive notification regarding your status in the BFA program by March 2, 2020. Contact Undergraduate Director, Chrissy Nelson with questions.

DNCE & THTR courses only. Freshman list your HS GPA
CUDC, performances, etc.
Ex., Ballet, Express Studio, Bellingham Wa, 3 years