Amanda looking at Camera
PhD Graduate Student

261 UCB
Theatre Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room C1B86

Amanda Rose Villarreal is a teacher, an artist, and scholar at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After earning her BA in Theatre Education from St. Edward’s University in Austin, she worked at multiple schools and theaters throughout Texas prior to earning her MA in Theatre Production from Central Washington University. Since completing this degree she has taught, directed, devised, and performed throughout Colorado, Idaho, and Washington. Having worked with diverse students from every grade level from preschool to undergraduate and from a range of socio-economic situations, Amanda Rose is fascinated by the intersection of performance arts with community, empathy, and personal development. She currently works as a performing educator, connecting improvised performance and crisis intervention/conflict management training for police officers throughout the state of Colorado; she also teaches and directs at the Community College of Denver. Amanda Rose loves hiking, is a pit bull advocate, and generally spends a lot of time being a pretty big nerd.