Amanda Rose Villarreal
PhD Graduate Student

261 UCB
Theatre Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room C1B86

Amanda Rose Villarreal is a teaching artist, facilitator, director, and activist. She is deeply interested in the intersection of theatre, cognitive science, education, and social justice. She earned BAs in Theatre and Education from Saint Edward’s University, and an MA in Theatrical Production with a focus in Applied Theatre from Central Washington University. A second year PhD student, Amanda Rose is also a Thomas Edwin Devaney Graduate Fellow and scholarship recipient through the Center for Humanities & the Arts.

Amanda Rose has spent the past decade teaching, directing, devising, and performing at various theatres and schools throughout Texas, Colorado, Washington, and Idaho. She currently merges performance with professional development; she uses applied theatre and improvisation to train police officers, lawyers, and counselors to use effective communication and de-escalation techniques during crisis intervention and conflict management.

Amanda Rose also works as a devising theatre artist. In 2014, the devised piece The One Voice Project, which she created with refugee elementary students, was performed at the Denver Center for Performing Arts; her 2017 devised piece It Happens Here, created with survivors of sexual assault, toured Colorado. In 2018, she was invited to participate in the International Devised Theatre Initiative in London.

Amanda Rose currently works as a co-founder of the Artists’ Safety Alliance and the Not In Our House, Boulder initiative for safety and response to issues of harassment and discrimination in the theatre industry; she is also the Managing Co-Editor of the peer reviewed publicationPARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research. Her own research focuses on inventive applications of theatre in higher education and professional training.