The minor in theatre is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of theatre. Requirements include a minimum of 19 credit hours from the courses below; 9 hours of which must be upper division with a minimum grade of C- in each THTR course and a minimum of 2.00 GPA for all THTR courses. Courses taken for the minor must be taken for a grade.  Transfer students may apply a maximum of 9 transfer hours with a maximum of 6 upper-division hours to the theatre minor.

Required courses for the theatre minor

  • One of the following (3 credit hours):
    • THTR 1003 Acting 1
    • THTR 1009 Theatre and Society
    • THTR 2105 Introduction to Performance Design
  • One of the following (3 credit hours):
    • THTR 1011 Global Theatre 1: Live Performance to Shakespeare
    • THTR 2021 Global Theatre 2: Forms of Modern Theatre and Drama
    • THTR 3011 American Musical Theatre History
    • THTR 4021 American Theatre and Drama
  • One of the following (3 credit hours):
    • THTR 1105 Stage Technologies
    • THTR 1115 Costume Technologies
  • Practicum Credit (3 credit hours):
    • THTR 3035: Run Crew (1 credit hours)
    • THTR 3035: Production Practicum (1 or 2 credit hours)
    • 3033: Acting Practicum (1 or 2 credit hours)
  • Dance class—1 credit hour
  • Theatre electives—6 upper division credit hours                                                                         

Students select courses from the theatre curriculum based on their interests and course availability. Certain upper division courses are restricted to theatre majors.

Students can declare the Theatre Minor online through MyCUHub.