The BFA in Musical Theatre degree program offers a rigorous concentration in theatre, music, and dance to a select number of highly disciplined, motivated, and talented students; the degree program includes courses in the College of Music (30 credit hours), the Department of Theatre and Dance (30 credit hours), and the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum (43 credit hours of core curriculum, plus an additional 17 credit hours of electives).

Students in this degree program must pass an audition/interview conducted by the College of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance. Please see the BFA Musical Theatre Application page for detailed information and forms. The BFA in Musical Theatre is part of the BFA track in the Department of Theatre and Dance; therefore students in this major are housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Applicants for the BFA in Musical Theatre are expected to

  • have taken private voice lessons,
  • have good sight reading ability,
  • demonstrate elementary piano skills to understand basic music theory, and
  • be able to read treble and/or bass clefs.

On the application to the university, students should list “BA in Theatre” as their prospective major. In addition to the CU application, you will need to submit an application to the BFA in Musical Theatre at the same time.

Before you can be invited to the live audition, but must pass a pre-audition.  Mail your application, essay, reference (in a signed, sealed envelope), and recording* by December 1st to:  Bud Coleman, Dept. of Theatre & Dance, 261 UCB, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309.  *Recording consists of you singing two, complete songs to accompaniment. No accapella recordings will be considered.  Please send the MP3 files to or post them on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Do not send a CD or DVD.

Auditions are held in February by the College of Music prior to the first semester of enrollment. The student should prepare two contrasting songs, at least one from the classical repertoire, and a monologue (60-90 seconds in length) from 20th/21st century dramatic literature.  (Sing the complete song; do not perform a 16-bar cutting.)  All material must be memorized. An accompanist will be provided. For those prospective students who cannot attend the Boulder auditions, a recording (DVD or YouTube posting) can be substituted. To be assured of consideration for financial assistance, the recording must be received by February 15. Students who participate in the February auditions (either in person or by recording) will learn of their acceptance or rejection within two weeks.

Continuing students, transfer students, and students who anticipate beginning their freshman year in the spring should contact the Musical Theatre Advisor (Bud Coleman, 303-492-5809) as this audition sequence does not apply. Auditions for these students will occur on Mondays at 3:00 p.m. by advance appointment only.

Continued enrollment in the BFA in Musical Theatre program is dependent upon satisfactory progress, as determined by the performance faculty in the College of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance. Admission into advanced courses will only be with permission from the performance faculty through evaluation, and when appropriate, by audition. This determination will be made each semester.

See the CU catalog for specific course requirements for the BFA in Musical Theatre.

See the THTR BFA Musical Theatre Application.