The PhD Reading List of plays, historical and theoretical works is the core of what we teach and what we as a division hold as common ground.


PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies - Reading List
(Updated September 2017)


Theatre Studies

  • Barthes, Roland.  1978.  “Death of the Author” in Image-Music-Text, ed. Heath. Hill & Wang.
  • Bentley, Eric. 2008. The Theory of the Modern Stage. Penguin.
  • Boal, Augusto. 2013. Theatre of the Oppressed. Theatre Communications Group.
  • Bourriaud, Nicolas. 2002. Relational Aesthetics. Les Presses du réel.
  • Brockett, Oscar and Franklin Hildy. History of the Theatre. 10th Edition. Pearson.
  • Gerould, Daniel. 2000. Theatre, Theory, Theatre. Applause.
  • Klages, Mary. 2006. Literary Theory: A Guide for the Perplexed. Continuum.
  • Marx, K. and F.  Engels. 1978.  “The Communist Manifesto” in The Marx-Engels Reader.  Norton.
  • Thiong'o, Ngũgĩ wa. 1986. Decolonising the Mind. James Currey Ltd / Heinemann.
  • Zarrilli, Phillip et. al. Theatre Histories. 3rd Edition. Routledge


Performance Studies

  • Austin, J.L. 1975. How To Do Things With Words. 2nd Edition. Oxford.
  • Foucault, Michel. 1995. Discipline and Punish and The Birth of The Prison. 2nd Edition. Vintage.
  • Lepecki, Andre. 2006. Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement. Routledge.
  • Phelan, Peggy. 1993. Unmarked: The Politics of Performance. Routledge.
  • Massumi, Brian. 2002. Parables For the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation. Duke.
  • Muñoz, José Esteban. 1999. Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics. Minnesota University Press.
  • Rancière, Jacques. 2004 The Politics of Aesthetics. Continuum.
  • Roach, Joseph. 1996. Cities of the Dead: Circum-Atlantic Performance. Columbia.
  • Said, Edward. 1979. Orientalism. Vintage.
  • Schechner, Richard. 2013. Performance Studies: An Introduction. 3rd Edition. Routledge.
  • Taylor, Diana. 2003. The Archive and The Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas. Duke.


On-Stage Studies: Global Ancient and Classical Theatre

  • Moore, Timothy. 2012. Roman Theatre. Cambridge University Press
  • Osnes, Beth. 2010. The Shadow Puppet Theatre of Malaysia: A Study of Wayang Kulit with Performance Scripts and Puppet Designs. McFarland.
  • Sirayi, Mzo. 2012. South African Drama and Theatre from Pre-colonial Times to the 1990s: An Alternative Reading. Bloomington.
  • Wiles, David. 2000. Greek Theatre Performance: An Introduction. Cambridge.


  • Aeschylus. Oresteia. (GR 458 BCE). NAD
  • Dojoji. 1970. In 20 Plays of the No Theatre, Donald Keene, Ed. Columbia U Press.
  • Narayan. 2013. The Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. U of Chicago.
  • Rabinal Achi. (GT 15th Century). SOC


  • Bryden, Bill. 1992. The Mysteries: staged at the National Theatre; adapted from the English mystery plays by Tony Harrison. Videorecording. Part 1.
  • Chen, Kaige. Ba Wang Bie Ji: Farewell My Concubine. 2002. Film
  • Han Wen, and Beijing Bureau of Culture. 2009. Peking Opera. Film.
  • The Asia Society. 1992. Death of King Daksha [Kathakali]. Film.
  • Tang Xianzu. 2001. The Peony Pavilion. Videorecording.
  • Funatsu, Hajime. 1989. The Tradition of Performing Arts in Japan. Videorecording.


On-Stage Studies: Shakespeare

  • Garber, Marjorie.  2001.  Shakespeare After All.  Anchor.
  • Girard, René. 1991. A Theatre of Envy: William Shakespeare. Oxford.
  • Greenblatt, Stephen. 1988. Shakespearean Negotiations: The Circulation of Social Energy in Renaissance England. University of California Press.
  • Gurr, Andrew. 2009. The Shakespearean Stage. 4th edition. Cambridge.
  • Thompson, Peter. 1992. Shakespeare's Theatre. 2nd edition. Routledge.


  • Shakespeare. A Midsummer Night's Dream. (1595)
  • Shakespeare. Henry V. (1599)
  • Shakespeare. Hamlet. (1600-1). NAD
  • Shakespeare. Twelfth Night. (1600-1). NAD
  • Shakespeare. The Tempest. (1610-11)


On-Stage Studies: Global Modern Theatre

  • Artaud, Antonin. 1958. The Theater and Its Double. Grove Press.
  • Berghaus, Günter. 2005 Theatre, Performance, and the Historical Avant-Garde. Palgrave.
  • Willett, John. 1964. Brecht on Theatre. Hill & Wang.


  • Final Judgement. (MX 16th Century). SOC.
  • The End of Atau Walpa, a Tragedy. (BO 16th Century) SOC.
  • The Loa for the Auto Sacramental of the Divine Narcissus (MX ca. 1688) SOC.
  • Lillo. The London Merchant.  (UK 1731).
  • Jarry, Alfred. Ubu Roi. (FR 1896). NAD
  • Strindberg. A Dream Play. (SE 1901)
  • Gorki. The Lower Depths. (RU 1902)
  • Chekhov. The Cherry Orchard. (RU 1904). NAD
  • Yeats. At the Hawk’s Well. (UK 1916)
  • Andrade, Oswald de. The Candle King. (BR 1933). SOC
  • Brecht. Good Woman of Setzuan. (DE 1938-40). NAD


  • Makers of the Modern Stage (Wagner and Appia). Video recording.
  • Malle, Louis. 1995. Vanya on 42nd Street. Videorecording.


On-Stage Studies: Global Contemporary Theatre


  • Grotowski, Jerzy. 2002. Towards a Poor Theatre. New York: Routledge.
  • Lehmann, Hans-Thies. 2006. Postdramatic Theatre. Routledge.


  • Nascimento, Abdias do. Sortilege – Black Mystery. (BR 1951). In Callaloo 18 (4): 821–70., 1995.
  • Beckett, Samuel. Waiting for Godot. (FR 1953). NAD
  • Mishima, Yukio. Hanjo. (JP 1955)
  • Weiss, Peter. Marat/Sade (DE 1964)
  • Gambaro, Griselda. The Camp (AR 1967). SOC
  • Buenaventura, Enrique. Documents from Hell (CO 1968). SOC
  • Césaire, Aimé. A Tempest. (MQ 1969). 2002.Translated by Richard Miller. New York: Theatre Communications Group/TGC Translations.
  • Fo, Dario. Accidental Death of an Anarchist. (IT 1970)
  • Soyinka, Wole. Death and the King's Horseman (NG 1975) NAD
  • Churchill, Caryl. Top Girls (UK 1982)
  • Yuyachkani, Grupo Cultural. Adiós Ayacucho (PE 1990). SOC
  • Crimp, Martin. Fewer Emergencies. (UK 2005).


  • Fugard, Athol. 1978. Sizwe Bansi is Dead. Videorecording.
  • Muñoz, Susana, and Lourdes Portillo. 1986. Las Madres: The Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo. Video recording
  • Fusco, Coco and Paula Heredia. 1993. The Couple in the Cage: A Guatinaui Odyssey. Video recording.


On-Stage Studies: American Theatre

  • Harding, James Martin, and Cindy Rosenthal, eds. 2006. Restaging the Sixties: Radical Theaters and Their Legacies. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.


  • Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. (1949). NAD
  • Hansberry, Lorraine. A Raisin in the Sun. (1959). NAD
  • Albee, Edward. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. (1962)
  • Barka, Imamu Amiri (Reroi Jones). Dutchman. (1964)
  • Wilson, August. Fences. (1985). NAD
  • Kushner, Tony. Angels in America, Parts I and II. (1991). NAD
  • Lori-Parks, Susan. Venus. (1994).
  • Vogel, Paula. How I Learned to Drive (1997). NAD
  • Miranda, Lynn-Manuel. Hamilton. (2015)
  • Nottage, Lynn. Sweat. (2015)


  • Wilson, Robert. Einstein on the Beach. Video recording
  • Bernstein, Leonard, Stephen Sondheim, and Arthur Laurents. West Side Story. Video recording.
  • Roger, Richards and Oscar Hammerstein. Oklahoma! Video recording.
  • The Living Theatre. Paradise Now. Video recording.
  • The Performance Group. Dionysus in 69. (US 1969). Video recording.


* The following anthologies are indicated by their abbreviated form in the list:

  • NAD: Puchner, Martin, J. Ellen Gainor, and Stanton B. Garner, eds. 2017. The Norton Anthology of Drama. 3rd Edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.
  • SOC: Taylor, Diana and Sarah Townsend. 2008. Stages of Conflict: A Critical Anthology of Latin American Theatre and Performance.