The purpose of the ATIS training program is to provide an in-depth theoretical and practical study of the Alexander Technique; to apply the technique directly to dance training, teaching, choreography, performance and dance medicine/wellness; and to provide a solid preparation for entering an Alexander Technique training program should the student wish to pursue teacher certification.


  1. Complete DNCE 5601 Alexander Technique for graduate students in the Department of Theatre and Dance (offered once a year).
  2. A minimum of 30 private lessons with Alexander teachers in the community. Students must work with at least two different teachers, document each lesson and receive an evaluation from their teachers. These lessons may be distributed throughout the 3 years of graduate study, but must be completed before graduation. All fees for private AT lessons are paid directly to the instructors and are completely independent of the Dance Division and the University.
  3. Attend 4-6 workshops. Workshops will be held each semester focusing on direct application of the Alexander Technique to dance. The workshops will be conducted by Nada Diachenko and guest teachers.
  4. A written annotated bibliography of 15 books and articles about the Alexander Technique. The readings and bibliography may be completed at any time, but no later than one semester prior to graduation.
  5. Individual project: Any project designed to help the student better understand and apply the technique is acceptable with approval from Nada Diachenko, Director of the Somatic Emphasis. Examples: study dance technique with a teacher who incorporates the Alexander Technique; application of AT to the practice of yoga, Pilates or any other movement or dance form; application of AT principles to teaching. The project must span a minimum of an entire semester.


Additional information

  • The graduate dance core curriculum is required.
  • Students who are working in the ATIS concurrently with the MFA degree program will be required to complete 50 credit hours towards their degree instead of 60. The 10 credit reduction typically comes from electives and from technique credits.
  • Students must complete all requirements of the Alexander Technique Intensive Study prior to graduation.
  • All fees for private lessons and workshops are to be paid directly to the instructors and are completely independent of the Dance Division in the Department of Theatre and Dance and the University.
  • Upon competion of the program, students will receive a statement of achievement from the dance program verifying the activities and number of hours completed.

Nada Diachenko is the advisor for students in the Somatic Emphasis. You can reach her by calling 303-492-5038 or Students interested in the Alexander Teacher Training Program should visit