Frequent Flyers Productions Aerial Dance Professional Training Program

Why train with Frequent Flyers® Productions?

Trio aerial dancers

Train with the company that has been pioneering this art form for 29 years. Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance training goes beyond aerial skill acquisition; the focus is on the process of transforming aerial skills into an artistic expression that integrates ground-based movement and aerials. All of the teachers, also accomplished aerial artists, have completed a rigorous teacher training program specifically geared to teaching aerial dance with safety, technique and creativity in mind. Couple the teachers’ training with their diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of disciplines (for example: Pilates, Yoga, massage, science, somatic practices, and nearly every type of dance imaginable), and you will leave Frequent Flyers® with a wealth of knowledge pertinent to a variety of aerial applications.

This program will help you to incorporate aerials into your movement repertoire or choreography, work toward a career in aerial arts, build your skill level to teach aerial arts, or gain strength, confidence and an entirely new perspective on body awareness. Their school attracts people from diverse backgrounds, so you will not only have the opportunity to learn from Frequent Flyers®’ teachers, but also from the individuals you will be training and performing with.

Learn from Frequent Flyers®’ unique approach to aerial dance from the ground up!

  • Learn the Frequent Flyers® movement aesthetic through ground-based training centered on flow, economy of movement, effortlessness and lines in the body
  • Translate Frequent Flyers®’ aesthetic into aerial skills in fabric, trapeze, hoop, rope, invented apparatus, stilts, and more
  • Develop and hone improvisation and composition skills
  • Perform in professionally produced shows

Training is offered in Intensive Aerial Dance Study in the Performance Track. Your Frequent Flyers®’ advisors will work together with you to structure a training schedule that meets individual needs and still allows you to complete your MFA degree. 

Sample two-year Performance Track schedule

10 credit hours through CU (5 hrs/week for 4 semesters) 

  • 1st Semester:
    • 3 hrs Aerial Dance Technique
    • 1 hr Private
    • 1.5 hr Aerial Fitness and Stretching
  • 2nd Semester:
    • 3 hrs Aerial Dance Technique
    • 1 hr Private
    • 1.5 hr Aerial Fitness and Stretching
  • 3rd Semester:
    • 3 hrs Aerial Dance Technique

    • 2 hrs Improvisation/Choreography
  • 4th Semester:
    • 3 hrs Aerial Dance Technique
    • 2 hrs Workshops


Frequent Flyers® Course Descriptions


Brings together a group of pre-professional adults to learn and create new works to perform in the two Student Company shows (Winter and Spring).

Focuses on learning and expanding the students’ vocabulary on an individual apparatus at their personal skill level. The apparatus rotates every six weeks and includes training in Fabric, Rope, Lyra, Low-Flying Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Rope and Harness, Bungee, Stilts and Invented Apparatus.

Engages students in exercises to strengthen muscles, particularly those required for dancing in the air, while using proper alignment. Each student sets his/her own fitness goals and must take a strength test three times throughout the program to ensure progress.

Covers a wide range of movement styles including, but not limited to: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contact Improvisation, Acrobalance, and Acrobatics.

Provides instruction in a variety of improvisation and choreographic tools for the unique demands of creating aerial dances.

Provides individual practice time with access to the studio space and equipment. Intended for work on personal goals, skills practice, and choreography.

Private and semi-private instruction from a member of the Frequent Flyers® faculty and/or staff for focused instruction on areas of need and interest. Also includes a physical assessment at the beginning of the program.

Workshops are intensive 2 hour classes that cover material pertinent to a variety of Aerial Dance applications, and includes both lectures and experiential classes based on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: Kinesiology, Nutrition, Music/Video Editing, Rigging, Costuming, Make-up, etc. Workshops are optional for all CU students.