As You Like It

'As You Like It' by William Shakespeare


The MA/MBA in Theatre is a dual degree program and its curriculum is best conceived that way. The MA in Theatre requires 30 credit hours and is a two-year program. The MBA at the Leeds School of Business requires 55 credit hours and is a two-year program. However, because overlapping coursework is allowed, the MA/MBA dual degree allows students to earn both MA and MBA with a minimum of 67 approved credit hours, in three years. Dual degree students are required to complete 43 hours of MBA coursework and 24 hours of Theatre/Dance coursework.

According to Graduate School guidelines, the MA requires 30 credit hours, 24 of which must be at the 5000 level or above (6 may be at the 3000 or 4000 level but all must be taught by members of the graduate faculty).  Not all of these hours are required to be in THDN.  Students in the MA/MBA in theatre program will be required to take 24 credits hours in THDN courses (with one MUSC option), all taught by members of CU’s graduate faculty, according to the following scheme:

THDN 6009                 Research and Teaching Strategies (2 credits)
THTR 5011                 Theory and Criticism (3 credits)
      or THTR 5010       Introduction to Performance Studies
      or DNCE 6047      Seminar in Dance
THTR 5085                 Theatre Management (3 credits)
      or MUSC 5978      Arts Administration and Management
      or DNCE 6056      Professional Development
THTR 4061                 Directing (3 credits)
      or THTR 6071       Advanced Directing (depending on experience)
Various                        Electives/Practicums/Independent Studies/Thesis Hours (7 credits)
Select two of the following (3 credit hours each):
        THTR 6011         On-Stage Studies: Global Ancient and Classical Theatre
        THTR 6021         On-Stage Studies: Shakespeare
        THTR 6031         On-Stage Studies: American Theatre
        THTR 6041         On-Stage Studies: Global Modern Theatre
        THTR 6111         On-Stage Studies: Global Contemporary Theatre
        DNCE 5048        Performance and Community Engagement
        DNCE 4037        Contemporary Concert Dance
        DNCE 5017        Dancing Histories

To achieve the 30 credit hours required for the Theatre MA degree, the Graduate School will allow 6 hours of B (3.0) or better coursework taken in the College of Business to count toward the 30 credit hours required for the MA. Please note that students desiring to write a thesis will use elective hours to take THTR 6959, Thesis Hours and the optional THTR 6849, Independent Study to prepare the thesis prospectus.

Students in the MA/MBA program follow the THTR MA Handbook for the MA portion of the dual degree.  

The MBA degree requires 55 credit hours, however MA/MBA students complete 43 credit hours of MBA coursework. The prescribed curriculum is:

MBAC 6001 Foundations of Teamwork (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6002 Social, Moral and Economic Foundations of Business (3 credits)
MBAC 6003 Foundations of Leadership (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6011 Managerial Economics 1 (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6012 Managerial Economics 2 (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6020 Financial Accounting (3 credits)
MBAC 6031 Quantitative Methods (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6050 Strategy (3 credits)
MBAC 6051 Operations Management (3 credits)
MBAC 6060 Corporate Finance (3 credits)
MBAC 6081 Data and Decisions (3 credits)
MBAC 6090 Marketing Management (3 credits)
MBAC 6096 Managerial Communications (1.5 credits)
MBAC 6099 Professional Development (1 credits)
Four Business School Electives - including one Organizational Management Course (12 credits)

To achieve the 55 credit hours required for the MBA degree, the Graduate School will allow 12 hours of B (3.0) or better coursework taken in the Department of Theatre & Dance to count toward the 24 credit hours of Business School Electives required for the MBA.

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Students should apply first to the Department of Theatre & Dance for the MA degree program. 

Once accepted into the MA/MBA program, students take a full year of required classes in Theatre & Dance. During the first semester they will apply to the Leeds School of Business MBA degree program. Upon acceptance, they will take a full year of required courses in Leeds.  Coursework in the third year will be divided between both degree programs. Please note that acceptance into the Leeds School of Business MBA degree program is not guaranteed.

Students may apply for both programs simultaneously, in which case: 

  1. Students must apply to and meet the application requirements for each program separately,
  2. Students must meet the admissions standards for each program separately,
  3. Dual degree students may start either program first; however, in the first year of the dual degree program, courses are taken in one of the two departments exclusively, and in the second year, courses are taken in the other department exclusively.

Note: residents of Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii, may be eligible for in-state tuition for this dual degree program, provided the student applies to and is accepted to both programs in the same admissions cycle. For more information on the Western Regional Graduate Program please visit