The Carlson Gym space is available for Student Organizations. You can view restrictions for the studio below. 

  • After departmental priorities are scheduled, Carlson Gym is available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • The Signer for the group is the only allowed to make reservations
  • Groups may reserve space the 3rd Monday after the first day of school of Fall Semester, and then again on the 1st day of school of Spring Semester. 
  • Groups may only request 3 hours of space per week
  • All groups must agree to sign a rental contract before access will be given
  • All groups must agree to pick up keys to the space from the Theatre and Dance main Office after rental contracts are signs
  • There is a $10 key deposit. If key is not returned before the last day of finals of each semester, group will be charged $125 to cover the full cost of changing the lock on the Carlson Gym door
  • Building will be open M-F. Weekend requires BuffCard Swipe Access
  • Groups will provide their own sound system


Any violation of any portion of the terms of this agreement, as well other inappropriate or illegal behavior that violates campus policies, WILL result in revocation of your access to space in the University Theatre Building.

Room reservations are made through EMS. To view avaliable space, Click Here. Please submit requested dates and times to If dates are avaliable, space reservations will be made by the Theatre and Dance Admin. Confirmation and Access to the space will not be granted until Rental Contract is signed.

For any additional questions, contact

CARLSON GYM – Capacity 49 (Key required)

  • Shoes are REQUIRED
  • Student Organizations may only request 3 hours of space per week
  • Weekend rehearsals require Buff One Card access. Contact to get access.