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Program Support Fund 

Starting fall 2018, CU will no longer collect program or course fees from students but we will continue to support guest artist residencies. This fund is designed to bring in guest artists/scholars for teaching in theatre & dance courses, hosting workshops and other program-related events, projects or classroom supplies.  Please submit your application by the deadlines - September 6, November 1, January 24 and April 3. The April 3 deadline is for projects that require funding during fall 2019 semester and any requests for residencies during the AY 2019-20 over 5K. Submit your Final Reporting form as soon as possible after your event. 

Applicants must be a theatre or dance faculty member or a student enrolled in a THTR or DNCE course. Student applications must have a supervising faculty member approve the application. See Helpful Hints when creating your budget, guidelines for honoraria, and current Per Diem Rates for Colorado. Review the example below if you have questions. 

Guest Artist Form

ACE Performance Enhancement Fund

The ACE Performance Enhancement Fund is "an account provided by the Arts and Culture (ACE) portion of student fees for the purpose of funding guest artists (musicians, composers, fight choreographers, dialect coaches, designers, painters, puppeteers, milliners, etc.) who will work directly with students involved in a THDN production." ACE grants will only be awarded to projects seeking funding for a production on the theatre or dance season. 

The ACE committee is made up of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students and meets approximately four times per year. Read the application carefully as important details, dates and deadlines must be adhered to. See Helpful Hints when creating your budget, guidelines for honoraria, and current Per Diem Rates for Colorado. Review the example below if you have questions.

2019-20 ACE Fund Application_Fillable
2019-20 ACE Fund Application_pdf
Guest Artist Form

ACE Application Example