Modern Day Fairy Tales

CU Theatre has a rich history of taking live theatre to the community. Most recently it has brought small touring companies of student actors to local elementary and secondary schools where they present shortened and accessible versions of classic and socially relevant plays including: Don Quixote: The Awkward Years, The Presidents!, The Odyssey: Re-mixed. These troupes also teach workshops on thinking creatively, acting skills, and stage combat for young audiences.

The Spring 2018 CU Theatre Outreach tour is:
Modern Day Fairy Tales: Alex Buffman

This year, the CU Boulder theatre outreach tour is performing a modern-day fairy tale written by seventh graders from High Plains K-8 in Loveland. The theatre group of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students worked with middle school students to write the fairy tales last fall and the winning entry, “Alex Buffman,” was transformed into the play. It tells the story of a boy whose parents have been kidnapped by his evil uncle, and who sets off on a madcap quest through a forest to rescue them. After the performance, the actors will lead the audience in a
Q&A session and provide short playwriting workshops on adapting stories for the stage, discuss how they transformed a story into a play and answer questions about acting.
The play will be performed throughout the Front Range as part of the annual CU Boulder theatre outreach tour; nearly 13,000 K-12 students and community members have seen the productions since it started in 2008. Generously supported by CU Boulder Outreach Awards which fund projects that connect faculty-led research, teaching and creative work with public needs and interests across the state, the theatre tour program offers opportunities for undergraduate performance students to experience the rigors of a touring production and for graduate students to gain experience in directing, play adaptation, and producing. 

For information, contact Peg Posnick at (303) 492-4336 or

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