• Ubuntu African Festival
    Ubuntu African Festival
  • High School Dance Day
    High School Dance Day
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    Inside The Greenhouse

At the University of Colorado, we believe access to creative expression can and should be a transformative experience for everyone, not just those we consider “artists.” We are actively engaged in creating dance and theatre works for our campus performance spaces, as well as committed to working in the communities in which we live. By engaging Coloradans through artistic practice, we continually learn more about ourselves, the world around us and the power and change possible through the journey of creative process. 

We are perpetually inspired by what our creative community gives back to us and welcome you to contact us with your wish-list of projects.

Theatre Outreach

Storytelling is at the heart of how we as human beings make sense of the world. The question of “How did we get here?” explores our hopes, dreams, and fears. At CU Boulder, we provide learning opportunities to explore creativity, expression, and human connection within and beyond our walls using a wide variety of subjects. Theatre Outreach also includes facilitating process-oriented experiences for campus and community groups.

CU Theatre Tour
Performance and Community Engagement
Performers Without Borders
Internship Opportunities

Dance Outreach

Dance as a shared form of art can be viewed as a primary tool for civic engagement which transforms individuals, relationships and entire communities. This value shapes what we take beyond our building’s walls out into the world. Our ongoing investigations include topics such as social injustice, environmental sustainability, freedom of expression, healthy bodies, and self-image.  

High School Dance Day
Performance and Community Engagement
Spring Break Dance Workshop
CU Contemporary Dance Works (CUCDW)
Internship Opportunities