These Shining Lives

'These Shining Lives' by Melanie Marnich

Can non-majors take theatre and dance classes?

Yes, while some of our dance classes are by audition or for majors only, most of them are open to non-majors. Many of our theatre classes that are open to non-majors as well.

Who can be involved in departmental productions?

Anyone who is a member of the CU faculty, student body or staff. All performers must be enrolled in CU classes with degree-seeking status or through the ACCESS program.

How do I declare a Theatre or Dance Major?

You must declare your major by visiting the Academic Advising website and signing up for a group declaration meeting.

As an incoming freshman or transfer student, how do I declare a minor in dance?

You can declare your minor by visiting the Academic Advising website.

How do I get tickets to the departmental performances?

The Theatre & Dance (CU Presents) Box Office is located in the University Club (972 Broadway) and is open Monday-Friday from 10-5 pm. You may also call 303-492-8008 during the box office operating hours or click here for the box office.

What is the undergraduate Academic Advisor’s phone number?

Our advisor, Jessica Baron can be reached by email only.

When are the auditions?

You can find information regarding upcoming theatre auditions and dance auditions by clicking on the links.

When is graduation for the department held?

The departmental commencement ceremony is typically held the Friday after the University’s ceremony at noon at the University Theatre. Call 303-492-7355 for more information.

How can I reach the CU Presents Box Office?

Call 303-492-8008 between Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm.

Where is the Theatre & Dance Department located on the CU Boulder campus?

The University Theatre Building is located on the south side of historic Norlin Quadrangle.


What is the department’s mailing address?

University of Colorado
Department of Theatre & Dance
261 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0261