MFA Student

261 UCB
Dance Graduate Office
University Theatre Building, Room W1B55


As a Mutli-media dance artist who is currently getting a Master’s in Dance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Aaron has many different things that are important to him as an artist and scholar. Evoking conversations centered around Queer identity, 1960’s-80’s Gay ball culture in New York City, and human metamorphism in response to relationships is one of the most important goals he has as an artist. Secondly, helping people experience and dissect dance through many different lenses i.e. dance for camera, and other venues is another goal of his. Aaron begun his dance training at the age of thirteen in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then Aaron, has received his Bachelors in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Dance Performance from Middle Tennessee State University in 2014. He has toured both nationally and internationally to China in the summer of 2012, as a member of MTSU Dance Theatre. Aaron is now a Third- Year MFA Dance Candidate at CU-Boulder specializing in Dance performance and Choreography with a secondary emphasis in Multi-Media forms. Aaron has taught and presented work at the American College Dance Festival in the Spring of 2017. “I dance not to entertain but to help people better understand each other. Because through dance I have experienced the wordless joy of freedom, I seek it more fully now for my people and for all people everywhere.”- Pearl Primus