Published: April 25, 2019
Dancers in black and white uniforms under white lighting

"The Current" dancers perform under the new LEDs (Photo credits: Ian McMorran)

By Ally Dever (Snipits from the article)


The CU Boulder Department of Theatre & Dance recently replaced just over half of the University Theatre’s existing incandescent lighting equipment with energy-efficient versions, featuring light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. The $140,000 addition will consume one-tenth the power of incandescent lights, while vastly reducing waste and equipment. 

The incandescent lights, still a staple throughout the industry, produce nearly 2,800 pounds of lamps every 8-10 years, not including packaging, which often can't be recycled.

Spencer, who worked in lighting design on Broadway for 20 years, and whose credits include Wicked and Streetcar Named Desire, accepted a teaching position at CU Boulder this past year.  He immediately recognized the need for a new lighting package. 

For decades, stage lighting professionals have relied on incandescent light bulbs that have a projected life-span of about 800 hours. Now, one LED light can replace three to four old lights and provide a decade's worth of lighting.

The new system is the product of months of cross-campus collaboration, funded by the Environmental Center, Utility and Energy Services, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Theatre & Dance department and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. 

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