The Exploring DH series started as a collaboration between the Department of History and University Libraries. More and more humanities scholars are interested in using various computational methods in their research and digital technologies in their pedagogy, so we wanted to bring to campus scholars and teachers who could give us insight into these new methods by speaking about their own projects and classes. In other words, the idea behind the series was to provide an "under the hood" view of digital humanities projects and to offer an opportunity for those in the CU Boulder community who are curious about digital humanities to come together. 

The first two years of the series focused on bringing in scholars from outside CU Boulder. Since then, a lot has happened: there is a new Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship that organizes Brown Bag talks by local scholars and workshops on everything from basic programming to digital pedagogy, the University Libraries has expanded its support for Digital Scholarship, and we have launched a new Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. We are also increasingly collaborating with initiatives around Computatational Social Science at CU Boulder (the talk by Sharad Goel in September 2018 was our first joint event.) And we are expanding our focus beyond CU Boulder to build collaborations aroud Digital Scholarship in the Front Range, organizing both informal meet-ups and larger symposia together with universities and colleges in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs.

If you'd like more information about our past events, please visit the carbon copy of our earlier site where you will find abstracts for past talks (and, if you're coming from a CU IP address, access to audio for some of them.) 

And if you have ideas for future events, projects, or collaborations, get in touch!! We'd love to hear from you.