Chris JohansonMonday November 5, 2018, 5:30–7 pm
Eaton Humanities 250 [note room change!]

RomeLab: The Nature of Evidence at a Roman Funeral​

Abstract: In this talk I examine the ways that the Roman funeral eulogy subverts  traditionally understood priorities for Latin oratorical argumentation.  Through a combination of close and distant reading, I will systematically explore (nearly) every funeral, for which we have evidence, that was staged during the Roman Republic.  My goals are twofold: 1) to reveal the primacy of visual and visible evidence and 2) to posit a new model for interpreting funerary performance in the Roman Forum.

Though not explicitly addressed in the talk, the presentation will showcase a suite of projects that were developed in a technology ecosystem that comprises, in part, a Unity3D + Drupal presentation layer, a multi-player avatar system, ESRI ArcMap and CityEngine, an application of Linked Open Data, SketchUp, and Wordpress.

(Cosponsored with the Department of Classics and CRDDS)

Bio: Chris Johanson's research applies the tools and techniques of digital humanities and the analytical methodologies of classics to social historical problems. His work on the Roman world connects to a larger discussion on the evolution of scholarly tools and communication, and he is keenly interested in developing new methods of historical visualization, knowledge representation, and geo-temporal argumentation. 

Johanson will also hold a workshop on integrating 3D digital methods in the undergraduate classroom, entitled Making Virtual Worlds in the Classroom. This will take place in Norlin Library E206 on Monday November 5 from 1–3 p.m.