Forest fire

Smoke on the water

Wildfire’s destructive impact doesn’t stop at the forest’s edge.

Agricultural landscape and windfarm at sunset

Drought forecast app at home on the range

Each year, ranchers in Colorado and the Mountain West face difficult decisions regarding drought.

Overhead view of flooding in a community from behind rescue workers inside a helicopter

Social media shakes up disaster communications

As Hurricane Harvey bore down on Houston in August 2017, the Twitterverse lit up with satellite images warning of danger and 140-character exchanges between worried residents.

Closeup of wet green leaves

Initiative saves energy, frees up dollars for research

It takes a massive amount of energy to run the 400 or so labs at the heart of the campus research enterprise: roughly enough to power more than 5,000 homes.

Blacked out containers like those used for shampoos, lotions and similar household products

Personal pollutants

Could perfumes, shampoos, deodorants and household cleaners pollute as much as an SUV?

Ruins of an ancient structure in a jungle

Archaeology reimagined

Deep in the jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, assistant professor of archaeology Sarah Kurnick is infusing traditional archaeological approaches with fresh ideas about sustainability and community engagement while studying an ancient Maya site.