Application Process

  1. Students apply by submitting their proposal with the UROP Student Grant Application, then
  2. Mentors receive an email with a link to access the UROP Mentor Endorsement form.
  3. The application is complete when both the student and mentor have submitted their forms.
  4. Proposals are reviewed by faculty on the UROP Review Board after the application deadline.
  5. Decision notices are sent by email from

UROP proposals must not contain the student, mentor or, if applicable, additional supervisor's personal information to ensure the integrity of the blind review process.  Please, make the following substitutions in your proposal:

  • "student" for the student's name
  • "mentor" for the mentor's name
  • "additional supervisor" for the additional supervisor's name
  • "lab/research team" for the lab or research team's name
  • "he/she/they" for gendered pronouns