UROP seeks proposals for up to $4,000 to develop departmental and program-level activities to foster a culture of undergraduate inquiry that leads to greater participation in the UROP student grant program and outlines a sustainable structure for the mentorship of faculty and students in the department or program.  


  • Applications require the approval of the applicant's department or program chair, head or director.  Applicants will be asked to provide the contact information of their department or program chair, head or director at the time of application, which will send an email notification seeking their approval.  
  • Department Grants are not available for the summer term. 


  • Students gain an understanding of the breadth of scholarly activity in their major with insight into the development of projects.
  • Faculty have the opportunity to share their research and scholar's path with these potential collaborators.    
  • Departments and programs create a culture of inquiry-based learning and student enrichment aligned with institutional curricular goals.  

Questions to Keep in Mind

  • How will you make disciplinary methodologies accessible to novices?
  • What strategies will you employ to ensure inclusivity and diversity in your activities?
  • How will you involve students at all stages of their undergraduate careers?
  • What institutional resources currently exist that could serve as potential partners?
  • How will you share successes with the campus community and sustain your initiative?

Proposal Prompts

  • Proposal Title
  • 250 word maximum: Provide a departmental/program "Statement of Philosophy" articulating a commitment to undergraduate research, scholarly and creative work. 
  • 100 word maximum: Identify the target audiences with details about the classifications of the students involved in the proposed activities.
  • Outline the major phases of your proposal timeline. (e.g. "October, Collect Data" or "Nov.-Dec., Analyze Data")
  • 500 word maximum: Describe the proposed activities for the award period, noting your role in the implementation.
  • 50 word maximum: Who are potential institutional and/or external partners in these activities?


Faculty are required to complete the following steps at the time of application:

  • Itemize and total their budgetary request,
  • Provide a speedtype for the fund transfer,
  • Identify the Account Manager responsible for the speedtype indicated,
  • Note other potential funding sources, and
  • Include additional information as needed.

Faculty Grant funding is disbursed in one payment to the speedtype indicated on the application.  Account managers will be asked to verify the speedtype.

Best Practices Colloquium

UROP hosts an annual colloquium for faculty to share best practices in support of undergraduate research in their departments.  Faculty who receive Department Grants are required to participate in the next scheduled colloquium after the grant award period.