Published: April 6, 2016

Special Undergraduate Enrichment Programs is honored to announce the recipients of the 2015-16 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Awards

Undergraduates submitted letters of nomination highlighting their faculty mentor’s role on their scholarly development. Recipients will be awarded an $800 UROP Research Assistantship to use in the 2016-17 academic year for an undergraduate of their choosing and were honored at the SUEP Scholars Conference on April 9, 2016.

Dr. Michael Baratta

Dr. Michael Baratta, Psychology and Neuroscience

Dr. Michael Baratta is a Research Associate in Dr. Steven Maier's laboratory in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. His research agenda investigates how experiential factors modify an organism's response to future challenge. Dr. Baratta earned his Master’s of Science in Biological Psychology from the University of California, San Diego and his PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nominated by Isabella Fallon, Neuroscience and Renzo Laynes, Integrative Physiology

Nomination letter Isabella Fallon  Nomination letter Renzo Laynes

Dr. Enrique Lopez, Education,

Dr. Enrique Lopez, Education,

Enrique López is Assistant Professor of Science Education. Dr. López’s research agenda investigates two broad questions: 1) What psychological, cultural, and sociological constructs can be used to create learning environments to improve achievement in chemistry, particularly among students of color?; and 2) What social and policy conditions support and encourage students’ engagement with science? Dr. López earned his Master’s of Science in Chemistry from California State University, Fresno and his PhD in Educational Psychology, from Stanford University.

Nominated by Magnolia Landa-Posas, America Ramirez, and Kaylee Ortega, Seniors, Ethnic Studies and Integrative Physiology majors

Nomination letter Magnolia Landa-Posas, America Ramirez, and Kaylee Ortega


Honorable Mentions

Becky Flowers

Becky Flowers Department of Geological Sciences Nominator: Ryan Stoner

Nomination letter Ryan Stoner

Jade Polizzi

Jade Polizzi Program in Environmental Design Nominator: Molly Kostoff

Award letter Molly Kostoff

Melinda Piket May

Melinda Piket-May College of Engineering Nominator: Alec Weiss

Nomination letter Alec Weiss

Shoo Rhee

Soo Rhee Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Nominator: Madeline Fritz

Nomination letter Madeline Fritz

Molly Carpenter

Molly Carpenter Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Palmer Lab Nominator: Jordan Gringauz

Nomination letter Jordan Gringauz