Woman, in a graduation cap and gown, holds up 'Hi Mom' signThe success of our students is a moral imperative. While our average time to graduation has improved at a steady rate over the last 10 years, we consistently lose an average of 16 percent of each entering first-year class by the start of their second year. 

Key factors influencing our student retention rates are our campus social climate, culture of inclusive excellence and academic experience, factors that align with national research suggesting four major reasons why students leave during their first year:

  • College doesn’t care about me (as a person)
  • Not worth it (compared to a job)
  • Poor service and treatment (overlaps first reason)
  • Schedule (not being able to find courses)

In addition, we surveyed our students in fall 2015 to understand the frequency and types of sexual misconduct experienced from the time they arrived at CU-Boulder, including incidents that occurred on-campus or off-campus, in order to expand existing and develop new prevention programs, educational outreach initiatives, and investigation processes and policies to foster and maintain a safe and nondiscriminatory environment on-campus.

To meet our goal of an 80 percent 6-year graduation rate by the year 2020, we are engaged in a multifaceted strategy to enhance the safety, campus social climate, and academic experience for both undergraduate and graduate students in order build a more inclusive, student-centered campus culture.

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