Students can be disciplined by CU Boulder if they are found to have violated any university policies, like: 

Students who have been contacted by Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, a hall director or OIEC should make an appointment with Student Legal Services (SLS) as soon as possible. In most situations, SLS can review with and prepare students for their hearing processes. Students may also be able to hire us to go with them to their hearings.

If a case qualifies, SLS can also likely assist with an appeal; note, however, that we cannot sue the university.

Please remember that communications with SLS are confidential as required by attorney/client privilege.


Students who pay traffic tickets or are otherwise convicted of traffic offenses generally have points assessed against their licenses by the  DMV. If enough points are assessed against a person’s license, the license will be suspended.

Driver’s licenses can also be taken away for other reasons, like driving with a certain amount of alcohol in their system, missing a court date or getting more than one Minor in Possession (underage drinking or marijuana) conviction.

Students who think they might be in danger of losing their licenses should contact Student Legal Services as soon as possible. We can help students prepare for their hearings and they may also be able to hire us to represent them.


Student Legal Services may also be able to help with other types of administrative hearings for qualifying students, such as Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) disciplinary boards.