Donate and Support

Unlike other NCWA wrestling programs that may offer scholarships, this young team is comprised of students who simply value the sport of wrestling and the ethos it provides. That said, the university is unable to provide us with financial support, so we rely solely on member's dues and generous donations from the community. That's why we need your help.

Each member pays dues every season that barely covers travel expenses and perhaps a few tournament fees. In this spirit, we are asking for donations to meet the important additional needs of wrestling gear, warm-ups, tournament fees, and hopefully the purchase of a new mat. These additional  expenses are not only necessary but are currently burdened by the student athletes themselves. Your donation will also help foster the goal of becoming regionally and nationally recognized by the wrestling community and invigorate a new pride in Colorado Athletics. Your generosity can help make these goals a reality, and the CU Wrestlers are more than appreciative.

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