The CU Wrestling Team is a Club Sport, part of the CU Rec Center’s Club Sports Program. Because of this, we are offered a very limited amount of funding from the school. Our members each pay dues and work at fundraisers for the team. Unfortunately, it is not enough. We must come up with more money to cover coach’s salaries, travel expenses, and tournament registration fees.

Each year, we send out “beg letters” asking for donations from parents, former coaches, and any wrestling fan. If you would like to help our team out by donating, please contact an officer under the “contacts” link to the left. Your donation is entirely tax deductible. If you would like to receive a letter verifying your donations, please e-mail us your address and we will include you in our “beg letter” campaign.

We are also currently seeking business sponsorship for our team. This includes naming rights for our annual tournament, currently called the CU Open. If you are a business owner interested in a beneficial marketing opportunity, please contact a coach or officer.

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