"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -- Martin Luther King Jr.
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The QI is a 100% democratic organization. Decisions of how the group is run, presents itself, and what events it puts on are proposed and voted by the members. No one student has authority over any other member in the group.

The three Officers manage the group account at the Student Organization Finance Office and get stuff done that has been voted on by the group, but they have no power to act without the say so of the group. The secretary keeps notes and paperwork and roll-sheets.


2010-2011 OFFICERS:

Lynnette Schweimler (lynnette.schweimler@colorado.edu)

Hillary Montague-Asp (montaguh@colorado.edu)

Kyle Inselman (inselman@colorado.edu)


2010-2011 SECRETARY:

Erika Munter (erika.munter@colorado.edu)