"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" -- Martin Luther King Jr.
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Our Mission

According to the bylaws:

"The mission of The Queer Initiative is to actively pursue the ideals of acceptance and tolerance on the University of Colorado at Boulder (henceforth referred to as the University) campus and larger community through nonviolent and principled means. The Queer Initiative intends to educate and bring awareness to the student and larger communities about issues relevant to the queer community and other underrepresented communities and to strive to create a more aware, compassionate and equitable environment for individuals from all backgrounds."


The Queer Initiative is a politically motivated organization that fights for the inclusion of ALL PEOPLE. Through our SPEECH and our ACTION, we strive to build an inclusive campus. While we work a lot with the Queer community, we understand that the tools of oppression effect everyone. It is not enough to work against oppression in one community and leave others with the burden of inequality. The Queer Initiative's goal is to FIGHT OPPRESSION EVERYWHERE.

Why Queer?

It is often asked "Why does the QI use the word 'queer?' Isn't 'queer' a derogatory/oppressive word?"

However, it is not as simple as "queer" being a good word or a bad word. It is true that queer has been used to demean non-conformists for a long time. It has caused hurt and pain. But a word's definition can be changed. By using the word in a new way - by redefining and reclaiming that word - we can turn that definition upon itself, and use it to empower ourselves.

Instead of allowing "queer" be a word that is used to oppress people and keep them down, we use it to challenge hate and intolerance. Instead of letting someone else use "queer" to say who they hate, we use queer to tell others how we love.

The QI uses "queer" to describe and embrace a political philosophy. To us, queer politics are pro - GLBT, pro - feminist, and are willing to unite against oppression. ANY person who wants to embrace "queer" politic can identify as queer - even if they are attracted solely to members of the opposite sex.